From the moment we reached out to them, they worked as a team and never stopped working for us!

Well…what can I say about Charlynn and Jim!

We met this couple last year during the Parade of Homes as we were visiting one of the builders in the area. We actually stumbled upon them as they were walking out and Charlynn introduced herself along with her husband Jim. Some time past after we first met them, but we thought of them when we decided to actively pursue the process of buying a home.

From the moment we reached out to them, they worked as a team and never stopped working for us! We met with them and they allowed us to tell them what we were looking for, gave us realistic expectations, and truly cared about our needs and wants and working as hard as they possibly could for us. They also connected us to an awesome Mortgage Lender and once we did the application, it was like they tag teamed for us and worked to get us the best loan and best home!

We had a lot of ups and downs during the process, the market wasn’t really fair to us, but Charlynn and Jim never ceased to reassure us that they would find us the perfect home!
Because of the market, we also had a lot of ups and downs with available properties and possible offers but I remember Charlynn specifically giving me a pep talk (as I cried on her shoulder) and telling me “we will get through this, don’t you worry!” And that we did!
It was a point in our process where my husband and I were at our wits end and were ready to give up.

We told Charlynn and Jim that we wanted to start from scratch and come up with another game plan. But did Charlynn and Jim stop working?? NOOO!! We actually received a call from them TWO days later letting us know that they were up late, keeping tabs on homes and one popped up that they felt was going to be a great fit for us. So they got up the next day and went to see the property for us, and told us to come by to check it out. The VERY next day, we put in an offer! And the rest is history!

Throughout the entire process, Charlynn and Jim not only were professional, efficient, realistic, and helpful, but they were caring, thoughtful, understanding, and patient with us. They also taught us a lot of things that we would have never received from the average realtor. I am SO grateful that we connected to them! We call Charlynn and Jim our Realtor Parents because they were very serious about our home buying process and what we should do, but also caring and loving towards us, and we couldn’t ask for anything more! We told them that they are STUCK with us for life, so whenever we are ready to purchase another home, sell our home, or just have a cookout, we will always call them for it all! Thank you guys for being such great realtors, but most of all, being great friends!!

Thank you so much for all that you have done for us and…for who you are!! We could NOT have done this without you! 🙂 🙂

— Chris and Angel - Charlotte