Jim and Charlynn did an Amazing Job

They treated my home like it was theirs. There was more to preparing a home for sale than I knew, but they made the process so easy.

They were always right there and I had no worries because they helped me every step of the way. From making sure that the house was in top shape, to reviewing the many offers we had.

What I loved the most was, they put me first, it was not all about hurry up let’s sell the home, it was about making sure it was done right. They really take pride in their name and in their work. They pitch in and help do the things they know will get your home sold and making sure you get the most for it.

They take the time to make sure you are knowledgeable in every step and they will not do anything without sitting you down and giving you the pros and the cons so you can make an informed decision.

I am a single female so everything that needed to be done, was up to me, and with my heavy work schedule, I couldn’t do it all. Charlynn and Jim had the connections and resources to help when I needed it.

Above all, when I say Honest and Sincere I mean it, they are. Because they make sure that everything is done right and in order. I want to say thank you to Jim and Charlynn! If you are looking for True Professionals and not just someone looking for a paycheck, This Is Your Team.

— Alice - Charlotte