She is very knowledgeable and persistent.

As a first time home buyer I was very confused on everything that needed to be done when buying a home. Charlynn was able to explain the process to me and how I needed to go about it. I thought buying a house would take a lot of time. However, I learned just how quickly moves had to be made when it came to buying the house you like and want after going to look at it. We looked at several homes that were perfect and when I decided I wanted to put the offer in, they were gone. I HAD NO IDEA A HOUSE COULD SELL THAT FAST! After missing out on a home, I understood what she had been telling me and got back to looking. She showed me a beautiful home in Kannapolis that I fell in love with and remembering how quickly the others had gone, I told her to put my offer in that night. She did and after long talks and the needed paperwork (all made quick and easy by Charlynn), I am sitting here typing this in my new living room. She made buying this home a breeze and making a dream turn into a reality. I went into it nervous and scared but she made every step painless and easy to do and very easy for me to understand. I would recommend her to anyone whether it is a veteran homebuyer or someone like me who is new to this whole world. She will do anything possible to help you and make your dreams come true. She is very knowledgeable and very persistent so no matter what, she will make sure you come out on top. Thank you Charlynn for all your hard work and best wishes for you in the future.

— Matt - Kannapolis